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10 Affordable Center Table Pieces To Complete The Look Of Your Dining Room

    Center Table Pieces

    01. Modern Center Table Pieces

    Meet Wyat: A candelabra with indulgent waves that support candlelight glow for every joyous dance party or intimate conversation over dinner.

    Made by SIN, a Brooklyn-based ceramic home goods company founded by Virginia Sin, this affordable center table pieces can be a great addition to your home.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 11.5 in.

    Height: 5 in.

    Width: 2.65 in.

    Weight: 2 lbs.

    02. Square Marble Tray

    A perfect little square to highlight your special somethings.

    This center table pieces can be an accessory for your nightstand, a functional element for your desk, or a boujee piece just because.

    The rings you wear all day but take off at night will live here.

    Your morning companion, your cup of joe, will now have a throne.

    And the candle you rotate every season will now have a designated space to burn bright.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 5 in.

    Height: 0.75 in.

    Width: 5 in.

    Weight: 2 lbs.

    03. Candle Holder For Every Home Decor

    High-gloss taper candles that are nothing but chic.

    Style this center table pieces sky-high on minimalist candle sticks or grab your heirloom / vintage ones and adorn your space.

    Quite the accent for all forms of decor (boho, vintage, retro, minimalist, etc.)

    Finished by hand from an Italian family that has been making candles since the 1800s.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 1 in.

    Height: 11 in.

    Width: 1 in.

    Weight: 1 lbs.

    04. Handmade Weaved Bench

    This center table pieces is the perfect neutral marble to match any decor.

    The black veins add a touch of dimension to the portuguese marble.

    Product Specifications :
    Length: 14 in.
    Height: 0.75 in.
    Width: 7 in.
    Weight: 7 lbs.

    05. Walnut Hardwood Tray

    Hardwood tray with a silhouette that draws from the lines of a topographic map.

    Display it in your home as a central table pieces to bring dimension to a space, or use it to hold your special items.

    Made of walnut hardwood and handcrafted in California.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 10 in.

    Height: 1 in.

    Width: 6 in.

    Weight: 1 lbs.

    06. Hand Pigmented Coasters

    The next option for your center table pieces might be this landing pad.

    These moon Coasters take surface design out of this world. 😉

    Made of cast concrete, they are hand-textured and hand-pigmented to develop a totally unique moonscape on every coaster.

    Finished with a soft backing, they’re ready to protect your table so all you have to do is worry about landing your drink.

    Bonus – Coasters will never stick to the bottom of your glass!

    Hand Textured and Painted. This coaster is hand textured and painted made to be completely unique.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 4 in.

    Height: 0.25 in.

    Width: 4 in.

    Weight: 0.25 lbs

    07. Solid Brass Business Card Holder

    This business card holder is perfect as a center table pieces and can hold your cards and display greeting cards or photos.

    Once you get it in your hand, you’ll know why we like it so much!

    This piece is made of solid brass with brushed finish.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 3 in.

    Height: 1 in.

    Width: 1 in.

    Weight: 0.33 lbs.

    08. Scandinavian Ceramics Bowl

    These center table pieces are a set of 2 nestings ‘Wobbles’ matte white glaze with manganese lines.

    Fired rim down and as they shrink against the kiln shelf they pull out of round for an organic form

    The round bottom allows for movement when separated and set to motion with a fingertip

    The main inspirations for the design-driven and form-focused works are mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.

    This piece are meant to be decorative, for the eye and for the heart.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 3.5 in.

    Height: 2 in.

    Width: 3.5 in.

    Weight: 0.10 lbs.

    09. Concrete Catch All Tray

    For the tiny desktop items like paper clips and tacks.

    These beautiful concrete vessels will keep your desk looking so fresh and so clean and works perfectly as your center table pieces.

    The concrete work is all individual hand cast from custom-made rubber molds.

    Colors are integrally mixed into the concrete and resulting in each piece being unique.

    We use recycled materials and are able to create a finished product 30% lighter than traditional concrete.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 4 in.

    Height: 1.25 in.

    Width: 4 in.

    Weight: 0.81 lbs.

    10. Handcrafted Flower Vasse

    Each this center table pieces is designed, thrown, trimmed, pulled, sculpted, glazed, cleaned, and packaged by hand in an intentional process.

    This piece is handcrafted with variations within the material and from piece to piece.

    Product Specifications :

    Length: 7 in.

    Height: 8 in.

    Width: 7 in.

    Weight: 2 lbs.