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10 Beautiful Lumbar Throw Pillow Covers

    Scandinavian Home Decor Pillow Case
    Modern Scandinavian Throw Pillow

    01. Modern Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow.

    This lumbar throw pillow is an eco-friendly, fair-trade cotton pillow with a story you can feel good about.

    Measures approximately 12″ wide and 20″ long, this throw pillow not only functions as the lumbar support but the neutral color with iron stripe creates a modern look and complete your modern or Scandinavian interior design.

    02. Rainbow Lumbar Throw Pillow.

    Measures approximately 9″ wide by 18″ long, this lumbar throw pillow is designed with looks that inspire creativity, radiate optimism and encourage connection.

    The colorful patterns are bold, the colors are bright, and the sophisticated way they play together is what makes this throw pillow unique.

    Created using paint, cut paper, pen and ink, this piece can become the accent piece on your home decor or a playful pillow in the kids play room.

    03. Earth Brown Handmade Pillow Cover.

    This handwoven lumbar throw pillow was made by craftswomen who live in Aegean villages in Turkey and is 100% locally sourced plant-dyed wool with cotton canvas backing and zipper closure.

    Measures approximately 14” wide by 20” long, the natural inconsistencies and slight variations in size are inherent to all handwoven products and really make this piece unique and one of a kind.

    The handwoven in this piece brings a fresh design perspective to ancient Anatolian motifs by using rich textures together and pushing the boundaries of materials and technique.

    The earth brown really complement any neutral color palette room, especially when placed on top a neutral color such as white fabric couch in this example.

    04. Soft Pinstripe Lumbar Throw Pillow.

    This lumbar throw pillow could be your newest living and bedroom staple.

    This piece is an eco-friendly, fair-trade cotton pillow with a story you can feel good about.

    Measures 12″ wide by 20″ long, this home decor product has a soft and subtle pastel color that would complete any neutral color palette room.

    05. Colorful Checkers Pillow.

    Measures approximately 9″ wide by 16″ long, this colorful checker lumbar throw pillow can be a perfect piece to add an accent color to the room.

    This pillow is made in the hope to inspire creativity, radiating optimism, and encourage connection using the sophisticated way the bold patterns and the bright colors play together.

    We create each piece using paint, cut paper, pen, and ink that makes this piece really unique and one of a kind.

    06. Modern Patchwork Lumbar Throw Pillow.

    This patchwork lumbar throw pillow is a modern take on a vintage-style hemp pillow and each one is handwoven in sections and then fashioned back together.

    Made using mixed textures of wool and cotton to recreate a traditional up-cycled patchwork feel each design is hand-sketched, then handwoven in 100% cotton by master artisans.

    Measures 16″ wide by 26″ long, this wool pillow case can look really good in a terracotta colored armchair and create a modern bohemian vibe.

    07. Clay Colored Throw Pillow Case.

    This fringe chambray pillow goes anywhere and everywhere and could be your perfect choice in the bedroom or living room and will look perfect when paired with another neutral white color element.

    Measures 12″ wide by 20″ long, this piece can looks great in a modern Japandi or Scandinavian interior because it is pairs well wit wood and neutral colors.

    08. Mint Green Throw Pillow.

    This two-toned lumbar throw pillow is a classic striped weave in mint green and cream, and is a sophisticated simple addition to bring freshness to any room.

    Measures approximately 12″ wide by 24″ long, the softness of sea glass and mint helps create a beautiful subtle color combination perfect for any season.

    09. Minimalist Berber Pattern Pillow.

    A warm color palette, intricate Berber design elements, and a minimalist philosophy: this is the formula of this handwoven lumbar throw pillow.

    Its extra-large size will make it a centerpiece of any interior design context and is crafted by women artisans in the Atlas Mountains from natural sheep wool, making every piece truly unique.

    Measures approximately 43″ long by 10″ wide, this piece looks really well with a white fabric couch and the berber pattern can even fit in a boho interior.

    10. Soft Plush Handwoven Lumbar Pillow.

    This soft, plush, handwoven textured wool lumbar throw pillow measures approximately 45″ long by 20″ wide and looks perfect in any neutral palette of home decor.

    This piece could add layers to the room with its very long ann unique texture and instantly make the room looks unique.