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10 Best Calm And Moody Blue Wall Art For Any Modern Room

    Zen Brush Blue Wall Art

    01. Brush Stroke Abstract Blue Wall Art.

    The idea that artwork created with the simplest of shapes can make the biggest impact is really shown by this piece.

    This wall art shows the less complicated the better with its simplistic imperfect watercolor brush strokes pattern yet show so much beauty.

    I find that watercolor is the most interesting medium because it has a softness that is great for creating simple geometric shapes and lines by hand and every mark will be different, and there’s something really special about that.

    This wall art can bring simplicity and texture into the modern room and the blue hue can bring a sense of contrasting color into the room.

    02. Napa Valley Scenery Wall Art.

    This blue wall art picturing the pastoral views of Napa Valley offers a new glimpse of beauty with each sunrise and the way the light plays upon the landscape on the valley floor is the most breathtaking sight.

    This legendary valley is a gift and offers endless inspiration, not to mention how it can really bring a sense of calmness into any space.

    The light blue hue in this art can bring softness into the room, perfect for any subtle pastel-colored interior.

    03. Abstract Patterns Blue Wall Art.

    This blue abstract wall art is created by a pencil artist who often works in fine and hyper-realistic detail and likes to experiment with complex patterns that are often more abstract.

    This piece is inspired by the closely packed spines and ridges of coral, and the rich blue brings a nautical vibe.

    Not only great as a conversational piece in the room, but the nautical blue hue would also be a perfect addition to any nautical-designed or beach-themed room, even in a chic pastel interior.

    04. Collage Photograph Blue Wall Art.

    This photograph shows a gathered collage of hand-dyed cloth remnants, torn to be arranged in a pleasing organic design.

    This collage-style photograph of raw fabrics looks really unique and can be really eye-catching wall art in the room.

    05. Ink Line Drawing In Blue.

    This blue wall art is a sumi ink line drawing created during morning breath work.

    Titled ‘morning mediation’, this wall art is a visual representation of letting the mind loose, allowing a state of flow, channeling positive energy inward, and releasing all things not serving you.

    This wall art hoped to bring positivity in the room and the dark navy blue looks so great and contrast when hung on a light or white painted wall.

    06. Blue And Pale Terracotta Wall Art.

    This wall art is painted on colored paper and the simple composition and delicate brushstrokes in this blue wall art allow the color to take center stage.

    The pale terracotta leaves complement the majestic blue background to create a striking focal point for your space.

    07. Super Moody Birds Blue Wall Art.

    This modern wall art is inspired by the 20,000 cranes that usually show up in the forest and nature in Hornborgasjon, Sweden.

    The cranes are doing the famous dance to impress the other cranes and hopefully get a sweet partner.

    08. Experimental And Layered Blue Wall Art.

    This wall art is the product of experimentation in staining the raw canvas and that makes this art looks really unique.

    The intense color saturation and the ability to layer that you get with raw substrates!

    09. Natures In A White And Blue Wall Art.

    Sea Oats Cyanotype, the title of this art, is using botanical images and materials, and using light, time, and the unpredictable nature of the process, this image comes together to capture a moment that examines strength and permanence.

    The way it feels like it’s swaying in the breeze will bring a soothing calmness in any room.

    10. Blue Collage Photograph.

    This conceptual blue wall art was created from archival photography and watercolor and looks really poetic and bold at the same time.

    This work is about the depth and different perspectives and about looking into the distance through the prism of what we have close.