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10 Best Scandinavian Home Decor For Every Interior Styles

    Scandinavian Home Decor Candle Holder

    01. Scandinavian House Shaped Candle Holder.

    This would be a perfect Scandinavian home decor (or gift for family members), a small candle holder with the shape of the typical Scandinavian house.

    True to its roots, the cottage is basic, sturdy, and functional, and it comes in handy as a gift since it is the perfect size to sneak into your carry–on luggage or mail.

    The clean lines are refreshingly simple, adding a level of coziness to any room.

    This small home decor is made from sustainably harvested wood upcycled by local furniture makers and handcrafted in Vermont by local woodworkers.

    02. Light Wood And White Ladder Hanger.

    This ladder is an informal and flexible piece of furniture made for storing towels and accessories in the bathroom, clothes in the bedroom, coats in the hallway, or magazines that goes well in the living room of any interior style.

    This Scandinavian home decor is easy to move around the house with its minimal and modern design and could add vertical storage to any space.

    03. Minimalist White Pillow Case.

    This eco-friendly, fair-trade cotton pillowcase has a very minimal and modern design with a story you can feel good about.

    The off-white color in this item makes this piece a perfect Scandinavian home decor but also can be a great addition to other interior styles as well.

    04. All White Porcelain Dinnerware.

    Comes in a 6.5″wide x 2.5″high, this Scandinavian home decor has bare porcelain exterior and a highly textured, matte white ‘Crackle’ glaze on the interior side.

    Lisa, the artist, makes her porcelain forms on the pottery wheel and each piece is one of a kind, and every glaze is made from recipes in her studio and she loves to experiment.

    Her main inspirations for the design-driven and form-focused works are mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.

    05. White Ceramic Desk Planter.

    This ceramic planter works great at a side table or as a desk planter, its height allows the plant to grow its foliage without interfering with its surroundings.

    This Scandinavian home decor includes saucer and drainage holes and is made from high-temperature ceramic.

    06. Comfy Sherpa Lined Throw Blanket.

    Get lost in the best night of sleep with this Alaia Sherpa Lined Throw that comes in 57″ x 67″.

    This Scandinavian home decor intentionally-made blanket is the cozy addition you’ve been longing for.

    07. Handmade Oak Wood Sink Tray Riser.

    This handmade sink riser stand is made from solid oak wood and comes in 8” wide x 5” deep x 2” high.

    This Scandinavian home decor was made to have a rustic/farmhouse look yet a minimalist design and is perfect for displaying soap dispensers, flowers, diffusers, candles, plants, and more.

    Each one is handmade from solid wood and finished with oil and wax, so the color tint and grain pattern will differ from the photo.

    08. Marble Finished Modern Flower Vase.

    This Scandinavian home decor is inspired by Roman marble architecture, especially, marble block stairs and elements of columns.

    As each object is individually cast and finished by hand to recreate the beauty of the marble, each product offers a very unique grain.

    09. Small Ash Wood Jewellery Tray.

    This tiny Scandinavian home decor is perfect for highlighting your extra special items or jewelry.

    Handmade of ash hardwood, this piece comes in 6″ long by 4″ wide.

    10. Half Circle Wooden Wall Hanger.

    This half-circle Scandinavian home decor is an elegant accessory designed to home your bags, coats, and keys all in one place.

    This small wooden hanger is handmade in Austin and made of white oak with a natural finish with a magnetic core for easy drop-off/pick-up for keys.
    Keychain included.

    This would be perfect for high-traffic areas such as entryways, mud rooms, closets, and office spaces.