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10 Best Wall Art In White Perfect For Minimalist Interior Design

    Wall Art In White

    01. Abstract Acrylic & Collage Wall Art In White

    This abstract acrylic and collage feature architectural imagery with multi-layered paper and paint layers that create textures and shapes that evoke the old, torn, or worn billboards or posters of old.

    Tina Johnson, the artist, who lives in Metairie, Louisiana, loves to use color, texture, and transparency to evoke feelings and memories.

    She draws on her everyday moments, music, joy, and heartbreak to paint pieces that hopefully create lasting impressions with viewers.

    02. White Wall Art With A Splash Of Pastel Color

    This wall art in white features lush strokes of color, texture, and delicate mark-making.

    The artist often roamed the woods in the South as a child and that left a permanent impression, and this piece is an abstract snapshots recreation of those memories on canvas.

    In this piece, soft washes and sprays of color mimic the ethereal quality of petals and wings.

    03. Abstract White Acrylic Painting On Canvas

    This is a 30″ x 40″ original abstract acrylic painting on canvas, framed in a raw maple float frame, and is ready to hang, varnished to protect it from fading and the elements.

    The wall art in white is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

    Cait Courneya, the artist, works out of her home studio in Minnetonka, and she is inspired by color, fashion, and nature, and aims to create paintings that contribute calm, balance, and peace to the spaces in which they live.

    04. Fluid Acrylic White Peach Painting

    Original wall art in white color painting created using acrylic inks, water, and fluid acrylics in a color palette of peach, blush, taupe, and sienna measures approximately 25″ by 37″ with a frame.

    Rebecca King, the artist, is a contemporary abstract artist inspired by the use of water to represent human emotion through her paintings.

    Her work is subjective, minimalistic, and intentional and reveals glimpses of the canvas through her layers to celebrate the fluid forms in their purity.

    The layers break free from rigidness and seemingly explore the canvas on their own and incorporate water within them to signify the need to let go of pure control and allow nature to take its course.

    05. Painted Paper Wall Art With Acrylic Paint

    This colorful collage features affixed painted paper pieces and markings combined with acrylic paint on an 11″ x 14″ wrapped canvas for ease of hanging.

    The sides of this wall art in white are also painted white, varnished for protection, and include the artist’s signature on the side.

    06. Muted White Acrylic Painting Wall Art

    This is an original abstract acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas that measures approximately 24” x 24”.

    This wall art in white is signed on the back by Christy Hyun Young Lee, the artist.

    She is a North California-based artist and illustrator with a modern and abstract style that works with acrylic paint and features a neutral colorway, line, and texture.

    She is inspired by nature, daily life, and memories of the different places she has lived and traveled.

    07. Minimalist White Wall Art With Textures

    This process of paper painting in this wall art in white leaves much to chance and intuition and the results are a reminder that giving up control allows us to create things we could’ve never imagined possible.

    This piece is a practice in restraint with its neutral color palette and geometric shapes.

    08. Abstract White Wall Art WIth Thick Textures

    This wall art in white is an original painting with a thickly textured acrylic abstract in a palette of whites, ochre, blue, red, burnt sienna, and pale lavender.

    This piece is inspired by the Midwest, blanketing snow, trapper blankets, and the movement of memory in our minds just like passing organisms of colorful thoughts.

    The artist explored texture, through the thick application of heavy-body acrylic paint, coating the canvas with rich chunks of paint, adding to the rich tapestry of memory.

    Measures 18 x 24 inches, is signed by the artist and is varnished with UV protective acrylic varnish, and is float framed in a beautiful unfinished maple frame.

    09. Abstract Wall In White Oil Painting

    Measure 10″ x 14″ this abstract wall art in white oil painting on a 1.5″ gallery-wrapped canvas.

    Pale blush and gray are accentuated by creamy white textured brushstrokes in this abstract landscape.

    10. Fluid Acrylic Abstract Wall Art

    Original abstract fluid acrylic painting on thick, 140lb (300gsm) textured cold-pressed paper and unframed.