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10 Colorful Woven Wall Hanging For Every Room

    Blush Woven Wall Hanging

    01. Pink Blush Woven Wall Hanging.

    This handwoven wall hanging is made of cotton and wool, as well as recycled muslin yarn.

    The wall hanging consists of three squares, and each measures 12″ wide by 12″ long.

    I think this piece would go well with a light paint-colored room to create a soft and subtle pastel color palette.

    02. Colorful Wool Woven Wall Hanging.

    Woven wall hanging made from wool and cotton yarn and hung on a copper dowel.

    This wall decor measures approximately 16″ wide by 24″ long and is a perfect piece to add a splash of color to every interior style.

    03. Earth Red Woven Wall Hanging.

    This handwoven textile is a perfect art piece for your wall to add an earthy red vibe to your room.

    Made with 100% cotton and 100% wool, and the wool used for this piece comes from 2 Leicester long wool sheep raised in rural Virginia.

    Measures 12” wide by 24” long (vertically), this piece will complete the wall in every room, especially a boho-inspired one.

    04. Handmade Woven Wall Hanging.

    Handwoven with bamboo string, core-spun cotton, wool, and cotton yarn, wool roving, hand-spun scrap yarn, and recycled sari silk ribbon.

    This tapestry art measures 20″ wide and 30″ long with a 20″ long driftwood branch and is ready to hang.

    05. Bright Yellow And Orange Hue.

    Woven wall hanging made of wool hung on a copper dowel and measures approximately 17″ wide by 17″ long.

    The yellow and orange vibe of this piece would complement the green color of an indoor plant or wall in bohemian-styled room.

    06. Soft Colored Woven Wall Hanging.

    Adding this handwoven textile to the wall is a perfect way to fill up your blank wall and make it look more interesting.

    This piece is a one-of-a-kind piece to bring a moment of wonder to your space.

    Made using traditional hand-weaving tools and techniques, and made of 100% cotton and recycled wood that measures approximately 24” wide by 33” long.

    07. Bright Orange Modern Woven Quilt.

    This modern quilted desert woven wall hanging is inspired by the rolling dunes of the Mojave Desert.

    Add a feeling of wanderlust to your space with this abstract textile wall art, handcrafted to order with a hanging sleeve for easy display.

    You can place this wall art piece above the bed as a decor/headboard alternative, above the sofa or seating area, as soft art for a nursery or playroom, or even wall cover-up for utilities cupboards/boxes.

    08. Soft Green Woven Wall Hanging.

    Hand knotted and woven with cotton and wool yarn, roving, cotton/string rope, raffia, core-spun cotton, ribbon, felted wool yarn, and recycled sari silk.

    This tapestry is 41.5″ wide by 47″ long and comes on a 41.5″ wooden dowel, ready to hang.

    09. Mustard Yellow Woven Wall Hanging.

    This geometric wall hanging is mounted on a real wood dowel, features The Great Pyramid of Giza, and is made with labor-intensive knotting and weaving techniques.

    The dowel is sanded and its tone is sustained and kept natural to make sure it complements the color of cotton rope, and the rope fringe is then steam pressed and given the desired shape.

    10. Colorful Art To Add A Touch Of Character.

    This woven wall hanging is made from luxe merino wool and wool yarn and hangs on a gold-colored wood dowel.

    Measures approximately 12″ wide by 25″ long (vertically), this woven wall hanging is a beautiful and easy way to add some character and style to any space, and the perfect addition to add texture and warmth to your walls.