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10 Great Japandi Living Room Home Decor Products

    Minimalist Home Decor
    Without Books

    01. White Minimalist Bookends.

    These large cool white bookends are perfect for supporting art monographs, cookbooks, or even record albums and they would blend in perfectly in a Japandi living room home decor.

    It’s made of solid steel and powder-coat painted in a cool, grayish white that will complement other neutral color in your japandi color scheme decor.

    02. Neutral Textured Throw Blanket.

    Get lost in the best night of sleep with this sherpa lined throw blanket which is an intentionally-made blanket to give the cozy addition you’ve been longing for.

    Measures approximately 51″ wide by 67″ long, you can throw this in your Japandi living room couch to create layers and texture in the space.

    03. Jute Plant Holder And Storage.

    Coiled rope basket that begins with a natural cotton rope bottom and fluidly transitions to a jute top that is great as a plant holder or as storage and fits in any Japandi living room home decor.

    Measures approximately 8″in diameter and 6″ tall, this home decor item can be used as a planter to keep the plant in its original pot. 

    Each piece is handmade and slight variations in size, shape, and pattern are to be expected hence no two are exactly the same.

    04. Neutral Lumbar Pillow Case With Lines.

    This lumbar pillow case is a home decor item that is eco friendly, fair-trade cotton pillow with a story you can feel good about.

    This lumbar pillow case has a neutral color with a modern dashed line pattern that will look good in any Japandi living room home decor.

    05. White Porcelain Desk Planter.

    This white porcelain planter works great at a side table or as a desk planter, its height allows the plant to grow its foliage without interfering with its surroundings.

    Measures approximately 6″ in diameter, 8.5″ tall, and is made from high-temperature ceramic, this ceramic planter can bring a touch of nature to any Japandi living room home decor.

    06. Wooden Jewelry Bowl And Tray.

    Measures approximately 12.5″ in diameter and 2.5″ tall, this hand-turned bowl is made from discarded wood that is entirely sustainable.

    More than a bowl, this piece is a reflection on the equanimity of life and the process of learning to accept the good and the bad.

    The impurity and imperfection on this piece can bring a sense of uniqueness and texture to the Japandi living room on top of the coffee table or side table.

    07. Vertical Storage Ladder.

    This ladder is an informal and flexible piece of furniture made for storing towels and accessories in the bathroom, clothes in the bedroom, coats in the hallway, or magazines in the Japandi living room.

    This minimal and modern design home decor is easy to move around the house and can instantly adds vertical storage to any space.

    08. Handmade Rattan Basket Storage.

    This handmade woven rattan baskets are available in three sizes and different textures (plain and netting) and are ideal to store blankets, and towels in the corner of Japandi living room.

    Made with straw, this basket is handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in colors, pattern, size, and shape.

    09. Japandi Living Room Knot Pillow.

    Add a slice of style to your home with the help of this gorgeously soft knot pillows that has a camel or sand color that is considered neutral and can complete your Japandi living room.

    Measures approximately 21.6″ wide by 21.6″ long, this piece is made to order using soft foam filling and polyester velvet fabric that is soft and smooth.

    10. Terracotta Modern Vase For Flower & Plants.

    This porcelain clay is hand dyed and then thrown on the pottery wheel, creating truly unique hues and patterns that can make the Japandi living room feel more unique.

    This vase is a stunning still-life piece on its own or can function as a vessel for multi-stem flower arrangements.

    Measures approximately 4″ in diameter and 6″ tall, this terracotta vase has unglazed exterior, matte clear glazed interior, with a smooth hand-sanded surface.