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10 Great Large Wall Art To Complete Your Blank Wall

    Large Wall Art

    01. Warm And Cozy Blush Pink Large Wall Art

    This artwork, titled “Hova”, is an oil painting that represents two branches of fig leaves in clashing colors.

    The original iteration of colors is pink terracotta orange and light grey.

    This terracotta and pink oil artwork can be a perfect piece to complete your bohemian-inspired room interior design.

    02. Blueish Shoreline Landscape Wall Art

    This is a great acrylic painting that is based on the shoreline of Lake Roland in Baltimore, Maryland.

    This large wall art can perfectly adds a blueish tone and improve the vibe in your room quite instantly.

    03. Colorful Conversational Piece Large Wall Art

    The picture of a foster cat relaxing under the vase of flowers and perfectly captured this warm and peaceful moment through this painting.

    Relax and feel the sun on your body while lying under an arrangement of waratah flowers.

    04. Still Life Large Wall Art

    This floral piece has really captivating colors and can instantly elevate the mood in your room.

    The deep saturated background sets the stage for the warm tones of the flowers.

    These modern color combination can go perfectly well with a modern paint interior color palette.

    05. Hazy And Calming Modern Large Wall Art

    In real life, this place is a bungalow peppered with plants, where the morning light spills through the curtains in stripes of sun and shade.

    Through this painting, I’ve abstracted the shapes of light to fill the composition, to give the viewer a feeling of being in a restful haven.

    I hope it imparts the same sense of peace that I have when I visit this special home.

    06. Minimalist Leaf Shape With A Color Collage

    The artist creates this large wall art that mixes minimalism with maximalism.

    She paired a simple leaf shape with a bright color collage from hand-painted art to create a visual of euphoria and optimism.

    07. Tranquil Nature Perfect For Living Room

    This large wall art is a form of a  deep appreciation for the perfection of nature.

    This tranquil piece would be beautiful in any room.

    Tactile imagery, with a sense of nostalgia, is like remembering a dream.

    08. Bring A Sense Of Adventure Into Your Home

    This large wall art is really good at combining the inky shadows and beams of light that trace a woodland brook.

    Deep, saturated shadows settle into crevasses while bright—almost washed out—spots glow along the perimeter.

    It’s all just so dramatic, and changes with the time of day and season, so always feel like a new adventure.

    09. Green Nature Large Wall Art

    The blue hour is my favorite time for a walk.

    With the twilight colors, and the sky with a purple glow, all is quiet and the birds take their chance to sing.

    This is a Plein-air painting with oil on wood panel, that I painted on location an evening in the park near my living place.

    It is a moment of peace and happiness, I only heard the birds in the cold evening air.

    10. Moody And Dark Contrasting Art

    Inspired by classic Dutch still-life, the artist set up these beautiful antique-colored roses with her vintage grandmother’s tea set.

    I love the contrast of this soft florals large wall art with a moody darkness.

    It allows you to focus on their beautiful softness and airy shapes.