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10 Great Wall Hangings As Great Room Accent Piece

    Wall Hangings

    01. Minimal White Woven Wall Hangings

    A woven wall hanging made from wool and cotton yarn hung on a copper dowel comes measures approximately 17″ x 17″.

    These all-out white handmade wall hangings can be a great muted addition to any modern minimalist or black-and-white themed room.

    02. Handcrafted Cotton Tapestry Wall Hangings

    This minimalistic tapestry mounted on a real wood dowel features Desert and is made with labor-intensive knotting and weaving technique.

    The dowel is sanded and its tone is sustained and kept natural to make sure it complements the natural color of cotton rope.

    The rope fringe is then cut and steam pressed to give the desired look and inspires a deep connection to nature, awakening feelings of peace, and relaxation within us.

    The colored cotton ropes used in this artwork are not dyed but are made with a sustainable method of up cycling the existing fibers making them environmentally friendly.

    03. Four Colorway Wall Hangings

    These wall hangings is made with 100 percent cotton and recycled wood and handwoven which can be perfect for any bohemian or even rustic-themed room. 

    A modern textile made using traditional hand-weaving techniques and measures approx 17” wide by 31” long.

    04. Bright Warm Handmade Wall Hangings

    Woven wall hangings made of wool hung on a copper dowel will look great in any bohemian-inspired interior design or become a unique accent piece in a modern room.

    05. Modern Natural Leaf Shape Wall Hangings

    This timeless beauty, “The Leaf “, whereby hundreds of cotton strands are meticulously hand-knotted with a labor-intensive combing process and suspended on felt backing to create a textural oasis.

    It exudes elegance and calm and at the same time, it’ll add a touch of luxury and warmth to your home.

    It is a large-scale piece (28″ x 13″) of joy and happiness and a unique organic design with lots of texture and natural material.

    06. Abstract Cloud Inspired Wall Hangings

    These playful and stylish Scandi-boho Wall Hagings draw inspiration from nature through the use of organic materials.

    They look great as a group of 2-3 or individually, but each one is one of a kind due to the handmade nature of this product sizes are approximate and might vary slightly.

    07. Deconstructive Modern Wall Hangings

    This handmade deconstructive woven wall hanging is made from wool and copper, hung on a copper dowel comes approximately 17″x17″.

    The sense of modern and industrial look comes from the peek-through copper frame and this piece of art will effortlessly fit into any industrial or rustic-themed home.

    08. Bohemian Inspired Tassel Wall Hangings

    “The beauty of imperfection and rustic simplicity of wabi -sabi aesthetic”.

    This small fiber art Arch tassel is made with numerous jute twines tied together, its untamed shagginess gives it a rustic look, complimenting with rustic and modern decor style.

    This handmade tassel involves a knotting and wrapping technique and is mounted on a gold loop at the back.

    The jute fringe is then combed and steam pressed to give the desired look and the overall dimension is approximately 4″ by 10″.

    09. Playful And Colorful Woven Wall Hangings

    Hand-woven wall hanging made from luxe merino wool and wool yarn and hangs on a gold-colored wood dowel.

    A woven wall hanging is a beautiful and easy way to add some character and style to any space, and the perfect addition to add texture and warmth to your walls.

    It is a 20″ by 30″ art piece that is soft, whimsical, and cheerful, and will add color and interest to any interior style room.

    10. Organic Wool Woven Wall Hangings

    This woven wall hanging is made from wool and cotton yarn and hung on a copper dowel. Measures approximately 16″ x 24″.

    The colorful and playful splash of color in this art piece can transform your modern and minimalist room to be more warm and cozy.