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Top 10 Handmade Rattan Basket For Natural Interior Style

    Room Decluttering

    01. Small Rattan Basket With Pattern.

    This multipurpose handmade natural basket has intricately crafted and can instantly add a unique natural element to your home.

    You can use this basket in any kind of interior style, especially in japandi or bohemian interiors as beautiful storage or artisanal houseplant holder.

    Handmade using small strips of rattan this basket measures approximately 6 inch tall by 9 inch in diameter and the nature of our pieces, there may be slight variations in size, color, and pattern from item to item.

    02. Multipurpose Blanket Storage Basket.

    The handmade rattan baskets are available in three sizes and different textures, plain and netting.

    Made with straw, they are ideal to store blankets, towels, and dirty laundry or even to use as a knitting set box.

    03. Hand Knitted Living Room Decoration.

    This hand-knitted basket is made of palm leaves crafted in the northeast of Tunisia.

    This basket is so versatile that can be used for dirty laundry, as a decoration for the living room for storing wood by the fireplace, for storing toys in the children’s room, or as a flowerpot.

    It is a modern and practical rattan basket for any household and any interior design that will make your living more pleasant.

    04. Multipurpose Minimal Rattan Basket.

    This multipurpose handmade rattan basket is intricately crafted and can instantly add a unique natural element to your home and to any interior design.

    Made of small strips of rattan, you can use this as beautiful storage or artisanal houseplant holder.

    05. Unique Artisanal Handmade Basket.

    This rattan basket is the perfect choice to add some natural vibes to your decoration, especially in japandi, farmhouse or even in bohemian designed room.

    Made with straw, this pattern basket is big enough to store blankets and toys or to be used as planter basket.

    This basket is handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in colors, pattern, size, and shape.

    06. Handwoven Utensils Basket.

    This handwoven utensils basket is perfect to store your silverware, condiments, and utensils with style!

    This practical and beautiful catchall caddy is the perfect sidekick to keep your things in the  kitchen organized with each group of items in its own slot, you’ll never have to spend time looking around for what you need again. 

    07.Round Rattan Basket With Handle.

    This round basket is the perfect choice for a beach day, flower hunting adventure, for storing some of your favorite things, or even as a christmas box basket for your loved ones.

    Made of straw, this baskets is handmade and each piece is unique so slight variations may exist in colors, pattern, size, and shape.

    08.Handwoven Bag And Storage Basket.

    Traditionally, farmers wore this cone-shape bag on their backs to ferry crops across fields, but nowadays, we can use it to hold our yoga mat, farmer’s market produce or flowers.

    At home, the bag becomes a decorative storage rattan basket for toys, blankets, knick knacks big and small, the possibilities are endless.

    Incorporating indigenous zig-zag patterns, artisans weave this basket from delicately hand-cut bamboo/rattan strips. 

    09. Square Shaped Rattan Basket.

    This handcrafted rattan basket is a unique square shaped basket that perfect as a storage piece to help make your home neat and tidy.

    Made with straw and measures approximately 14 inch long, 10 inch wide by 5.5 inch tall is the fancy choice to do your groceries, go for a picnic or store your blankets.

    10. Decorative Rattan Basket For Fruits.

    This beautiful handwoven patterned decorative storage baskets can instantly brighten any room and fit most of interior styles.

    Wonderful for storage, display, and for houseplant holders, each basket has a unique, intricate pattern that reflects their rich heritage.