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10 Incredible Neutral Wall Arts For Modern Interior Design Style

    Striped Neutral Wall Art

    01. Soft Tones Neutral Wall Art.

    Soft subtle tones create a calming effect in this minimalist art print.

    Our lives are full of complexity and hurriedness.

    The uniform structure in this piece evokes a sense of stability, while a wash of light pours through the middle, representative of the nuances in life.

    02. Flower Wall Art In Beige.

    This neutral wall art piece is about fearless optimism.

    Not only about happiness and perfection, but also about believing in yourself, your power, and strength.

    I hope this bold abstract flower evokes those feelings in the viewer.

    This tranquil artwork in neutral colors is versatile, works well in almost all spaces, and will be a great addition to your home.

    It could be part of a gallery wall but works equally well on its own.

    03. A Hand Illustrated Modern Fine Art Print.

    Centerpiece, the title for this neutral wall art by Allison Kincaid of AK Graphics, is a modern and unique fine art print featuring an original, hand-illustrated, and painted sprig in a reclaimed clay vessel.

    Rustic textures, a neutral color palette, and modern shapes make this statement piece a perfect addition to any space.

    04. Muted Neutral Textured Wall Art.

    Shape, color, and texture are the main focus of this neutral wall art.

    When you are back to something’s essence, you reveal the beauty in its details.

    This art piece is part of a study of the textures, colors, and forms found in the architecture in Italy.

    Measures 4″ x 6″, this original textured collage is framed in beautiful raw douglas fir.

    Made with acrylic mediums and hand-painted paper, and is titled and signed on the back.

    05. Abstract Wall Art Perfect For Minimalists.

    This neutral wall art portrays a flock of birds gathering and pecking at the feed.

    Whenever the artist take a walk in my town in the afternoon, she takes time to enjoy watching them

    To celebrate modern minimalism, the artist depicted the birds as similar geometric shapes.

    The delicate and organic lines give off a sense of calm.

    06. Floral Inspired Abstract Pattern Wall Art.

    As a pencil artist who often works in hyper-realistic fine detail, the artist also enjoys creating abstract patterns in fine detail.

    This neutral wall art piece is inspired by the leaves of a tropical plant that the artist, an avid plant enthusiast, has been caring for.

    It mimics the look of closely packed foliage and is both refined and wild at the same time.

    07. Faded Sand Neutral Wall Art.

    Details of an ancient vase are the reference to this work.

    The faded sand color creates a delicate contrast but still expresses the touch of the handcrafted artifact.

    08. Floral Inspired Ink Drawing Wall Art.

    This neutral wall art is an ink drawing with bold lines of an Azalea flowering.

    This neutral-colored wall art is perfect addition to any light colored painted wall in any modern interior designed room.

    09. A Simple Singe Continous Line Wall Art.

    In early 2019, the artist began an (almost) daily practice of working within a limited color palette to offer youthful, energetic pieces.

    This neutral wall art piece was practiced in rendering genderless, ageless faces with one continuous line.

    The expressionless faces are meant to allow for a range of interpretations by the viewer, embracing the subjectivity of art.

    10. Calming Wall Art Of Conversing Girls.

    This neutral wall art is a result of a study of the figure and form of two humans in a relaxed conversation.

    This minimalist wall art can be a good addition to the bedroom wall to add a warm and cozy touch to the room.