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10 Incredible Textile Wall Art For Your Blank Wall

    Boho Tapestry Wall Hangings

    01. Geometric Handwoven Textile Wall Art.

    This wall art is a handwoven textile made of 100% cotton and recycled wood using traditional hand-weaving techniques.

    Measures approx 17” wide by 31” long, this wall hanging has monochrome color with a green accent color that will look great on a contrasting modern white wall.

    02. Light Pink Textile Wall Art.

    Hand-woven with cotton and wool, as well as recycled muslin yarn, this textile wall art consists of three squares, each 12″ x 12″.

    Designed and crafted in Los Angeles, California, this light pink color, almost blush, will create a soft and lively vibe in your home.

    03. Arch Shaped Wall Art With Natural Color.

    This large earthy textile wall art is made with jute rope, its untamed shagginess gives it a rustic look with a modern touch, complimenting rustic and farmhouse decor style.

    I believe that Rope has immense potential to transform itself from a line to a dense expandable 3D form, it can lay flat and folded and then can be activated to carry immense weight.

    This simplistic design is made from jute rope ( approximately 400+ strands of jute twine) and enhanced with natural/ivory color cotton rope, making it a perfect statement piece to go in any neutral decor.

    04. Handmade Woven Wall Hanging.

    This handwoven textile wall art is one of a kind piece to bring a moment of wonder to your space.

    Handmade in a home studio, this piece is made of 100% cotton and recycled wood using traditional handweaving tools and techniques and measures approximately 24″ wide by 33″ long.

    05. Geometric Handwoven Framed Art Piece.

    This handwoven textile wall art was woven on a 16-shaft handloom in London using a double cloth warp and a block draft threading pattern and has been tray framed in solid wood.

    Freya, the artist, draws inspiration from both the Bauhaus and Arts & Crafts movements, which were sparked by the industrial revolution and anxieties over the soullessness of manufacturing and the loss of craftsmanship.

    As a weaver, she aims to highlight the value of traditional craft in order to shift consumer mindset and ask people to focus on buying quality over quantity.

    06. Modern Landscape Handwoven Quilt.

    Inspired by the beauty of dusk in Yosemite National park California, this modern abstract landscape quilt is the perfect textile wall art for an inspiring space.

    This bestseller is handcrafted to order in two sizes to suit your space and simple to display with the optional hanging sleeve to add color and texture to your walls.

    07. Yellow Accent Color With Textile Wall Art.

    Wool-woven wall hanging made from merino and target wool hung on a copper dowel and measures 17″ wide by 24″ long.

    This wall art is perfect to create a yellow accent color in the room and add texture and volume to this piece.

    08. Handwoven Tapestry Wall Hanging.

    This handwoven textile wall art is made with 100% cotton and recycled wood and a one of a kind textile made using traditional hand-weaving techniques.

    Made using 100% cotton thread, and recycled hardwood, this piece measures approximately 12” wide by 20” long and perfect to create harmony with green element in a bohemian inspired room.

    09. Abstract Conversation Textile Wall Art Piece.

    This and woven with bamboo string, core-spun cotton, wool and cotton yarn, wool roving, hand-spun scrap yarn, and recycled sari silk ribbon.

    This tapestry wall hanging is approximately 20″ wide and 30″ long and comes on a 20″ driftwood branch, and ready to hang.

    10. Mustard Vertical Textile Wall Art.

    This contemporary fiber art wall hanging is a fiber art interpretation of one of the drop-dead beauties of Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA- The Keyhole Arch.

    Its arch creates a little entryway whereby the waves gush into before swooshing out and spilling onto the sand.

    This wall hanging brings a certain calming effect, helping to create an inviting and relaxing space while simultaneously adding interest and personality.