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10 Stunning Green Wall Art To Complete Your Interior Design

    Green Wall Art

    01. The Art Of Geometry In Nature

    The highlight of this green wall art is a contradiction, a geometry in an organic environment, or a structure in an expressive space.

    The subtle exceptions to the rules, just a little bit of argument, something that makes the viewer think.

    The Swoop Pair is just that refined line in nature’s chaos.

    02. Expression Of Joy In Green

    This painting is an expression of joy.

    It has playful elements like graffiti, while there are also natural lines, brush strokes, and patterns from the brushes used to create this green wall art; not too perfect, which is the best thing about this painting.

    03. Mixed Media Collage Green Wall Art

    Original mixed-media paper collage on heavyweight acid-free paper.

    Measures 9″ x 12″, this green wall art is signed and dated on the back.

    Amber Purdy, the artist, creates her handmade paper collages in her studio in Knoxville, TN.

    She uses a combination of vintage papers, photos, ephemera, patterns, paint, and drawings to create images that – while containing elements from the past – are arranged in a precise and distinctly modern way.

    04. Abstract Collage Of Jungle

    Jungle Juice is a modern abstract collage in the flavor of Matisse; free forms dance in jungle green with spontaneity and joy.

    This green wall art consists of hand-painted papers cut into spontaneous, free-flowing shapes and collaged onto textured paper resulting in a modern burst of form and freedom.

    This piece is celebratory in nature, dancing with delight and joy.

    Made by hand-painted color on textured paper and hand cut into unique shapes, then glued onto painted paper.

    05. Serene Photographic Wall Art

    This green wall art is a limited edition long landscape photographic print on canvas, ready to hang or place on a shelf.

    Kamala, the photographer, experiences life through her lens with much of her work reflecting how she feels when taking in a new place.

    This particular image was captured on the isles of Harris and Lewis, Scotland, UK, where some of the oldest lands on earth are perpetually shaped by wind and water.

    Ancient folklore weaves through the rock and moors where it is not unusual to feel both grounded by the land and enveloped by an entwined sea and sky.

    06. Beautiful Abstract Wall Art In Green

    Shape, color, texture, when you are back to something’s essence, you reveal the beauty in its details.

    This green wall art is part of the ESSENCE collection, a study of the textures, colors, and forms found in the architecture in Italy.

    Measures 11″ x 14″ original textured collage framed in beautiful raw maple, titled and signed on the back, and will arrive wired and ready to hang.

    This gorgeous piece of art is made with acrylic mediums and hand-painted paper.

    07. Aesthetic Watercolor Painting Of Leaves

    A beautiful original watercolor painting inspired by the changing of the seasons and the falling leaves, wouldn’t this green wall art look lovely framed in your home or be the perfect gift to a loved one?

    Measures 6″ x 9″, this piece is painted on high-quality archival paper, 300 gsm, signed and dated on the back.

    Angèle Kamp, the artist, is a botanical & floral watercolor artist from the Netherlands, and her signature style is feminine & soft with earthy, neutral colors.

    Her artwork is inspired by nature she collects or photographs during her walks outside.

    08. Mesmerizing Bold Brush Strokes Art

    Take a breath of crisp air and wander into a wintry forest filled with snowy pines as the snow crunches beneath your feet.

    This green wall art is inspired by weekend hikes with my family.

    I enjoy painting nature with bold brushstrokes and vivid colors to convey the life and movement all around.

    Made with acrylic on canvas with a satin finish UV-resistant varnish, this piece measures 18″ x 24″ and is signed and dated on the back.

    09. Abstract Wall Art Of Forest At Dusk

    Drawing influence from the flora and fauna of East Texas, this green wall art is made with acrylics, ink, coffee grounds, and mixed media to achieve a balance between realism and abstraction.

    The deconstructed petals and plants fall into spacious and relaxing forms on the canvas with layers of paint poured, dripped, and scraped in several layers mimicking forest floors and underbrush.

    Lush strokes of color, texture, and delicate lines are reminiscent of foliage and wings.

    10. Pine Trees By The Walkway

    This painting was inspired by the pine trees along one of the artist’s walking paths near the creek.

    Bold, expressive brushstrokes and colors give the green wall art a festive feel.

    Perfect for holiday gifting to add a burst of color to your mantel.

    Measures 8″ x 8″, this wall art is made of acrylic on canvas with hanging hardware attached.