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7 Best Home Decor Products for Room Decluttering (Under $60)

    All it takes is a few days and all of a sudden there are stacks of papers, a pile of shoes at the front door, and counters so full you can’t make a cup of coffee.

    Because so much of what we keep has memories attached, room decluttering can be extremely emotional.

    Placing things in their proper places can sometimes solve issues.

    And for that reason, here are five inexpensive items you can buy to aid in the decluttering of your room (all for under $60).

    Room Decluttering

    01. Aesthetic Handwoven Utensils Basket

    Room decluttering can be easy as storing your silverware, condiments, and utensils in a basket.

    This practical and aesthetically pleasing basket is the perfect sidekick to keep your kitchen organized.

    With each group of items in its own slot, you’ll never have to spend time looking around for what you need again.

    Whether you place it on the countertop or table, it’s sure to set the mood for your kitchen.

    02. Small Basket For Room Decluttering

    Not only good for room decluttering but also looks fabulous, this small coiled jute shallow basket comes in desert-inspired colors.

    This subtle and rustic catch-all small basket is perfect for keys, jewelry, remotes, you name it.

    Each piece is handmade and slight variations in size, shape, and pattern are to be expected.

    It is made from layers and layers of thin jute twine and stitched together with subtle blocks of dusty pinks, greens, and light brown thread. A perfect catch-all for your desert-inspired home.

    03. Multipurpose Handmade Rattan Basket

    These intricately crafted baskets add a unique natural element to your home.

    Use them as a beautiful storage or artisanal houseplant holder for your room decluttering.

    Handmade using small strips of rattan, each basket has a unique, intricate pattern, they’re a treasure to keep.

    Every purchase supports the basketry cottage industry, which has been adversely affected by the overdevelopment of Penan’s traditional lands in Borneo, Malaysia.

    04. Beautifully Designed Terrazzo Catch All

    If you like it, you can put your keys (or anything) in it…it’s a catch-all!

    It will work perfectly to store all the tiny items and help you with your room decluttering.

    This gorgeous tray is made of concrete and recycled glass with a cork base.

    The concrete work is individually hand cast from custom-made rubber molds.

    Colors are integrally mixed into the concrete and resulting in each piece being unique.

    05. Gorgeous Brass Jewellery Stand

    Not just do room decluttering, but you can organize and display your jewellery with this solid brass jewellery stand.

    Crafted from solid brass, this sturdy case is perfect for organizing and displaying your rings, earrings, bracelets, or other accessories.

    The aesthetic brass will fit perfectly with the other sophisticated furniture and add a touch of class to your home.

    06. Minimalist Wooden Pencil Tray

    Not just the best room decluttering to keep your stationery from falling off, this minimalist wooden tray create a professional vibe in your home office.

    Simple and clean design, a perfect addition to your home office space.

    Made of ash hardwood and beautifully handmade in California.

    07. Rattan Catch All Basket

    These intricately crafted baskets add a unique natural element to your room decluttering process.

    Use them as a beautiful storage or artisanal houseplant holder.

    Handmade using small strips of rattan, they’re a treasure to keep.

    Crafted by artisans of the indigenous Penan people, each basket has a unique, intricate pattern that reflects their rich heritage.