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8 Great Sherwin Williams Cabinet Paint Colors For Kitchen

    Having all-white and minimalist interior trends makes us craving for color ideas for the kitchen.

    Despite being colorless, a white interior can look great on Instagram and feels really clean, it can feel monotonous and boring as well.

    Because of this, I am proposing this idea to spice up your kitchen area with more pop and colorful paint tones.

    And these 10 Sherwin Williams cabinet paint colors ideas for your kitchen.

    Sherwin Williams Cabinet Paint Colors
    Simply Grove

    01. Sherwin Williams Coral Reef (SW 6606).

    Coral is a great combination of pink and orange.

    This sherwin williams cabinet paint colors has made its name as a cool choice for the kitchen area.

    With its warm and spicy shade, coral can serve you well as a punchy bit of color you can apply as uppers, lowers, or saturate your entire kitchen with it.

    02. Sherwin Williams Mint Condition (SW 6743).

    A lot of kitchens opted for either the upper or lower cabinets to be painted.

    But in my opinion, to really inject the energy into space, paint both for sure.

    This sherwin williams cabinet paint colors could work well with dark wood countertops or even go with black.

    If you are looking to get the serene and tranquil moods in your kitchen, mint green like this will make sure that happens—without needing to go all-white or fully neutral.

    03. Sherwin Williams Naval (SW 6244).

    For you minimalists out there who aren’t too sure about adding a pop of pink or a few orange cabinets, sherwin williams naval could be your choice.

    It’s a color, yes, but it offers the same vibe that white and other neutrals provide.

    Applying this sherwin williams cabinet colors in both cabinets could work well with white or neutrals backsplash color.

    The moody tone is a bit adventurous for some, but as soon as it’s on the walls or cabinets, I am sure you will not regret it.

    04. Sherwin Williams Ruby Shade (SW 6572).

    When you think of colorful, it’s easy to think of neon tones and pastels, but jewel tones should not be forgotten.

    They are bold and atmospheric, but not as loud and flashy as neons and pastels could get.

    With this sherwin williams cabinet paint colors in the cabinets, you can combine it with white or marble kitchen countertop or even pair it with other jewel colors such as emerald or sapphire tones walls.

    If a sophisticated look is what you are going for in your kitchen space, try to tone down the brightness of white and neutrals and start embracing the deep reddish ruby tones.

    05. Sherwin Williams Osage Orange (SW 6890).

    Orange and pattern tile can be a stylish combination that may not be for the faint of heart.

    But, if you are brave enough and not averse to complementary hues and a little splash of pattern, this sherwin williams cabinet paint colors kind of worth applying to your own kitchen space.

    The orange looks great in the cabinets, uppers and lowers, and combine it with pattern tile backsplash could really hit the spot.

    Although it is bright, you still can see that the room still feels clean and pulled together. Even the little pops of color from the plants and cookbooks still feel fitting and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

    06. Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice (SW 7647).

    This sherwin williams cabinet paint colors is kinda under the radar, but this is so good!

    The combination of this sherwin williams crushed ice on the cabinets, the brass handles, and a bit of a touch of wooden element on the cooker hood make this look so perfect.

    07. Sherwin Williams Pewter Green (SW 6208).

    This sherwin williams cabinet paint colors can easily make your kitchen look more modern when paired with a white or other light colors. 

    The sherwin williams pewter green paint in this cabinets creates a perfect contrast with the white-painted upper cabinets and the white marble backsplash.

    08. Sherwin Williams Dried Thyme (SW 6186).

    This is another example of a way to use green shade paint as the cabinet paint color.

    This sherwin williams cabinet paint colors can add a modern touch to your kitchen and creates a perfect combination with the wooden wall and white marble countertop.