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9 Amazing Inspirations of Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray

    Classified as a gray color, the Sherwin Williams worldly gray is part of the neutral paint color collection.

    The paint also can be considered as a greige color because it will change depending on the lighting in the room.

    In the north-facing rooms, the worldly gray can look cooler while in the south-facing rooms the paint can look warmer.

    After you see how people use this paint color in 9 examples below, you could consider choosing this paint to create a modern interior and match any neutral wall art on the wall.

    accent wall sherwin williams worldly gray
    Sherwin Williams

    01. Experiment With An Accent Wall.

    In my opinion, you can always experiment with any room in your house without exception.

    One area you should consider is the foyer or entrance area.

    You can have an accent wall with the Sherwin Williams worldly gray with a pattern from any lighter paint color.

    02. Be Neutral In Your Bedroom.

    To accommodate all the decor elements in the bedroom, you can have a neutral wall as a background wall color paint and create a perfect canvas of any white wall art that you have above the bed’s headboard.

    The Sherwin Williams worldly gray can pair really well with any other neutral color on your bedsheets and bedside table.

    To freshen the room you can throw some poppin green colored headboard or a blue linen blanket.

    03. Brighten Your Patio.

    If you are looking to remodel or repaint your house facade, you can try to have a neutral paint as the wall color and combine it with wooden elements in your patio.

    In this example you can see how Sherwin Williams worldly gray works with white window trim and wooden railing in the patio.

    04. A Neutral Entrance Area.

    Coloring your entrance area with the Sherwin Williams worldly gray can create a perfect harmony with wooden flooring.

    Decor the space with plants and linen bright linen rug can set a warmer mood and vibe.

    If you need a bench in the entrance, you might want to consider an accent wooden bench in the space.

    05. Highlight Your Stairs.

    With the stairs located in the void or double ceiling height area, you can try to highlight the stairs and make them the focal point of the room.

    Paint your walls with neutral Sherwin Williams worldly gray and white door trims, you can have a contrasting railing color such as this dark wood railing.

    06. Modern Kids Room.

    Kids’ playroom does not always have to be abundant in color.

    A modern kids’ space with a neutral paint colors can affect the kids to have a calmer mind.

    Furnish it with white cabinets to store toys and books, a linen rug with a pattern, and a small low table on top of, and an accent floor cushion for the kids to sit down and play.

    07. Modern Living Room With High Ceiling.

    To make your high ceiling living room look more modern, you can try to paint the walls with Sherwin Williams worldly gray.

    The space can be furnished with dark contrasting sofa color and have the fireplace mantle with stone cladding.

    08. Modern Bathroom With Accent Floor Tiles.

    To make your bathroom look more modern, you can try experimenting with modern colored flooring tiles in a pattern.

    And to highlight your flooring, you should paint your walls and cabinets with a neutral color such as Sherwin Williams worldly gray.

    09. Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray As Window Trims.

    If you already have or want to paint your walls white, you can try a darker shade of color on your window and door trims.

    In this example, you can pair your white walls with the Sherwin Williams worldly gray as the window trim.