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9 Amazing Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Inspirations

    Sherwin Williams sea salt is one of the popular paint colors in the Sherwin Williams collection.

    Although white, gray, or greiges is still the most popular colors, no doubt sea salt is one of the most popular ones.

    Sea salt is a beautiful greenish-blue that really changes depending on the lighting of the room.

    The sea salt has gray and green undertones with a hint of blue, this soft pastel color really can pair well with green wall art or complement the Scandinavian home decor.

    sherwin williams sea salt wallpaper
    Sherwin Williams

    01. Pair It With Light Colors Textured Wallpaper.

    If you are thinking to remodel a wall in the room to become the focal point, you could add panel sidings up to a third of the wall.

    The other half can be maximized using a light-colored wallpaper with a pattern, and in this part, you can consider having a wall hanging art piece to be the main focus.

    In this example, you can see how beautiful the combination of Sherwin Williams sea salt is with a light pink wallpaper with a leaf pattern.

    02. Perfect Match With Whites.

    If you already have a lot of white furniture or elements in the living room, that is not a problem.

    With Sherwin Williams sea salt, it really complements the white color in the furniture and fabrics.

    With the gray and green undertones that this paint has, the combination with white trims and furniture creates a soothing pastel vibe in your room.

    03. Beautiful Powder Room With Two Tones.

    Having two tones in the powder room walls can make the room more playful and pop.

    The Sherwin Williams sea salt as the siding wall panel half of the wall really works well with the light pink wallpaper with a translucent pattern.

    In this bathroom space, you can consider having a natural handmade woven storage basket for dirty laundry.

    04. You Can Experiment With The Murphy Bed.

    A Murphy bed is always the solution to a tight space in the room.

    When the murphy bed is opened, we can see the back wall of the bed.

    With Sherwin Williams sea salt and white murphy bed, it makes the murphy bed more colorful.

    05. Calm Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

    The living room should be your go-to place to have a calm space and relax your mind.

    Having sea salt paint on the living room walls creates a soothing vibe to the room when combined with the light-colored fabric on the sofa and natural handmade wall decor.

    06. Make Your Laundry Room Pretty And Tidy.

    Laundry does not mean it should look messy and cluttered.

    To simplify the room, you can have cabinets to store all your things needed for laundry.

    You can try to paint the cabinets with Sherwin Williams sea salt to create a clean and minimalist look.

    07. Go Simple In Your Kids' Room.

    You can make your kid’s room pretty without using too much color on the walls.

    The Sherwin Williams sea salt can work as the accent color with simple vertical lines in the wall panel.

    08. Make The Dining Room More Modern.

    You can still make your dining room look modern with wooden chairs and a table.

    One way to do that is using neutral and not too intense color in the wall.

    Using Sherwin Williams sea salt is a perfect alternative to white, gray, or greiges that most people use.

    09. A Bathroom To Relax Your Mind.

    Having a small bathroom does not mean it cannot work as a place to chill and relax your mind.

    To make the room calmer and chill, you can try using Sherwin Williams sea salt on the wall next to the white bathtub and stone tiles.