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9 Best Sherwin Williams Modern Gray Inspirations

    Sherwin Williams Modern Gray is a warm color that you can find as one of the popular colors of Sherwin Williams.

    I kind of think the color is more of a taupe rather than gray that will look great as a neutral wall paint in a modern-designed home and pairs well with any neutral wall art or white wall hanging.

    Because the modern gray is not committed to one undertone so it will depend on the surroundings and the lighting.

    I will show you why you should consider this warm color with these 9 houses’ inspirations.

    Sherwin Williams Modern Gray Kitchen
    Amy Oppesidano

    01. Create Harmony In The Kitchen.

    Sherwin Williams Modern Gray can look really simple and modern.

    In this kitchen, the modern gray is pair really well with the white kitchen cabinets.

    Your kitchen could look really clean if you have an all-white kitchenware.

    02. Modern Foyer With Patterned Flooring.

    The black accent color in this example was created from the dining chairs and the cabinet color.

    The Sherwin Williams Modern Gray top walls work as a canvas for other interior elements to shine.

    In this foyer, the dark gray wall sidings and patterned flooring really complement each other. 

    03. A Calm Entrance To The House.

    The versatility of this color can be seen in how the Sherwin William modern gray can work with two types of flooring and the wooden element in the room.

    The patterned flooring foyer meets with the wooden flooring at the entrance area that blends well with the natural handmade woven storage basket and the wall paint. 

    The modern gray walls subtly work as the base for these two combinations of flooring to shine in the room.

    04. Sherwin Williams Modern Gray Bedroom.

    You can never go wrong with the warm color in your bedroom.

    Having a dark wooden flooring also creates a warm vibe in the bedroom and can help you to get a good night’s sleep.

    The Sherwin Williams Modern Gray walls pair well with the dark oak flooring and the white bed linens.

    05. Modern Dining Room With A View.

    The benefit of having such a large window like this is that you can maximize the natural lighting inside your dining room.

    This Sherwin Williams Modern Gray is a warm color and works well with wooden flooring under the sunlight.

    Having light-colored (white in this case) furniture fits perfectly in the color scheme.

    In addition, you might want to consider getting an industrial farmhouse wooden serving tray for the kitchen island.

    06. White Furniture In The Warm Space.

    Having warm spaces with Sherwin Williams Modern Gray walls with wooden flooring needs a neutral furniture piece.

    Having a white dining table and white cabinets blends perfectly with the modern gray walls.

    You could also experiment with the chair design and materials as long as has a similar color tone.

    07. Modern Reading Corner With Panel Wall.

    If you are looking to spark the love of reading, you can create a cozy little nook in your house.

    You can place a bench seating in front of the window and read with natural lighting.

    Besides the cozy reading corner, you could design a two-tone wall color with Sherwin Williams Modern Gray at the top and white siding at the bottom.

    08. Modern Kitchen Color Scheme.

    To create a modern kitchen space, you could try this inspiration for your house.

    Combining several elements in the kitchen can be quite tricky, having a wooden kitchen countertop on top of dark gray cabinets can look really modern.

    The Sherwin Williams Modern Gray on the back creates the base for the white tile backsplash and the neutral ceramic dinnerware set.

    09. Sleek And Clean Entrance Area.

    Having an all-white interior can make your house looks really sleek.

    You can try to paint your door white along with the railing pole.

    On top of that, the light wooden floor completes the sleek color scheme.