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Best 10 Boho Wall Hangings Inspired Art Piece

    Boho Wall Hangings

    01. Mustard Tapestry Boho Wall Hanging

    This contemporary fiber art wall hanging is a fiber art interpretation of one of the drop-dead beauties of Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, CA- The Keyhole Arch.

    Bharti, the artist, has tried to capture its majestic sight and handsome size along with its mesmerizing beauty of passing golden sunrays of daylight creating a so-called ‘light show’.

    Its arch creates a little entryway whereby the waves gush into before swooshing out and spilling onto the sand.

    This wall hanging brings a certain calming effect, helping to create an inviting and relaxing space while simultaneously adding interest and personality.

    02. Woven Merino Wool Hanging Art

    This boho wall hanging is made from merino and target wool and hung on a copper dowel that measures 17″ x 24″.

    The fluffy part from the wool in this art provides a different texture in the room, with a bright warm yellow, this will be a great addition to any modern or bohemian-inspired room.

    03. Wall Art Piece With Burst Of Colors

    This hand-woven boho wall hanging is made from luxe merino wool and wool yarn that hangs on a gold-coloured wood dowel.

    Measures about 12″ x 25″, this woven wall hanging is a beautiful and easy way to add some character and style to any space, and the perfect addition to add texture and warmth to your walls.

    This wall hanging is made with the utmost care and is the result of hours of work, it is soft, whimsical, and cheerful, and will add color and interest to any room.

    04. Boho Wall Hanging In The Bedroom

    This artwork is associated with the concepts of ‘all-natural and organic’, which is comforting and nurturing whereby, the earthy terracotta color depicts growth and fertility and represents stability, reliability, and approachability.

    This minimalistic tapestry is mounted on real wood dowels and is made with labor-intensive knotting and weaving technique.

    The dowel is sanded and its natural wood tone is sustained to make sure it complements the natural color of cotton rope then the fringe is steam-pressed and given the desired shape.

    05. Bohemian Inspired Handmade Quilt

    Inspired by the beauty of dusk in Yosemite National park California, this modern abstract landscape quilt is the perfect boho wall hanging for an inspiring space.

    This bestseller is handcrafted to order in two sizes to suit your space and simple to display with the optional hanging sleeve to add color and texture to your walls.

    This art measures approximately 43″ x 43″ the design is comprised of separate pieces of fabric that have been cut and stitched together, giving a seamless appearance from afar.

    The design is then backed with cotton wadding and cotton fabric and stitched together with straight quilting lines.

    06. Green Knotted Cotton Tapestry

    This knotted cotton tapestry is embedded within a wool and jute woven frame making this a perfect boho wall hanging for any bohemian-inspired interior design.

    This tapestry is 18.5″ wide and 34″ long that has colors like white, jade, jute, and neutral, and comes on an 18.5″ wooden dowel, ready to hang.

    07. Geometric Mustard Knotten Woven Tapestry

    This geometric boho wall hanging is mounted on a real wood dowel, features The Great Pyramid of Giza, and is made with labor-intensive knotting and weaving techniques.

    The dowel is sanded and its tone is sustained and kept natural to make sure it complements the color of cotton rope and the fringe is then steam pressed and given the desired shape.

    08. Large Quilt Boho Wall Hanging

    This large textile wall hanging is inspired by golden hour light altering the colours of the landscape; the perfect modern tapestry for an uplifting space.

    Each quilt is handcrafted and available in two size options to suit your space, with a simple hanging sleeve for display.

    Here are some ideas for displaying this versatile piece:
    • Above bed decor/headboard alternative.
    • Above sofa or seating area.
    • Soft art for a nursery or playroom.
    • A keepsake modern baby quilt.
    • A throw blanket.
    • A wall cover-up for utility cupboards/boxes.

    09. Handwoven Patterned Boho Wall Hanging

    This handwoven textile for the wall is made with 100 percent cotton and recycled wood and is a one-of-a-kind textile made using traditional hand-weaving techniques.

    This textile art measures approx 12” wide by 20” long and is perfect to complement any green element in any bohemian-themed interior design style.

    10. Terracotta Woven Boho Wall Hanging

    The piece is an exploration of how knots and curves flow with gravity to create forms inspired by nature.

    This interactive piece works on the influence of gravity and is woven with labor-intensive knots with soft cotton cords whose ends are straightened and taking their own course thereby.

    This piece can be easily mounted on a nail and let the piece do its talking, make it an asymmetrical arch or symmetrical however you prefer, it will enhance the corner!

    This aesthetically minimalist piece will definitely make you feel a sense of calm and upon closer inspection, you’ll discover smaller details.