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Best 10 Large Abstract Wall Art To Fill Your Blank Wall!

    Large Abstract Wall Art

    01. Modern Gray Large Abstract Wall Art

    Through the process of layering paint and large brush strokes, this abstract painting creates new shapes that play together.

    The colors reference stormy seas and skies merging together.

    The artist drawn to the dynamic movement that circles and layers create, merging together and changing each other.

    02. Subtle Beauty In White Minimalist Wall Art

    White sand and curling ocean waves, or an aerial view of snowy northern landscapes?

    What do you see?

    This large abstract wall art is a photograph that is a multi-image composite of beautiful sandy Tulum beaches.

    The image is composed to parallel a cold Scandinavian winter, hence combining two of the artist’s favorite things in one image, the ocean, and frosty Nordic winter landscapes.

    03. Organic Abstract For Modern Living Room

    Botanicals fascinate me.

    Deep within their cells, a whole other complex world awaits.

    The artist wanted to portray this microscopic plant life with lines in this large abstract wall art.

    The organic nature of watercolor paint splits and reconnects as it channels through the water, much like cells, evolving.

    04. Splash Of Pop Color In The Room

    At times, we need to be reminded that the state of mind is fluid and dynamic and that even in the darkest of moments, there is space and opportunity for color, light, energy, movement, and change.

    This large abstract wall art can be a great conversational piece of art perfect to hang on a contrasting wall paint color in any room.

    05. Neutral Beige Large Abstract Wall Art

    This playful piece embodies the carefree attitude we have as children with looping lines and colorful shapes.

    As the artist worked on it, she started to be reminded of those rollercoaster sliding bead toys, so commonly found in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices and in elementary schools.

    06. Bright Yellow For Any Boho Inspired Room

    This large abstract wall art piece was derived from painted paper collage work that has become an integral part of the artist’s art practice.

    College allows her the freedom to just enjoy the process of playing, rather than planning the outcome.

    The colors and textures of the papers are unique lending themselves to interesting abstract compositions.

    07. White And Green Modern Wall Art

    This large abstract wall art conveys an energetic yet soothing feeling to any type of room in your home.

    The combination of the ivory white and a little splash of green can be a perfect combination to any light painted wall and indoor plants.

    08. Modern Large Abstract Wall Art

    The textures in this experimental, acrylic painting are added upon each other, which creates the domino effect; one would not exist without the other.

    Each layer helps build the story to pull the viewer closer.

    Fine lines of graphite peek through the paint, giving hints to the work’s beginning.

    09. Wall Art With Bold Color Combination

    The artist is forever inspired by the rising and setting sun.

    It is both predictable and spontaneous, each occurrence varies ever so slightly from the previous one depending on weather and location.

    In this large abstract wall art, the artist has stripped it back to simply two colors.

    10. Blueish Tone Large Art Piece

    This large abstract wall art is a collage made from painted papers.

    It shows an abstract picture of the enlarged cross-section of the imaginary mineral.

    The artist is fascinated by the geological creations of nature, and she finds their colors, forms, and remarkable textures and wanted to create one of them too on her own.