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Best 10 Large Modern Wall Art For Any Interior Design Style

    Large Modern Wall Art

    01. Modern Romance Wall Art

    Girl meets Girl is a celebration of love captured with minimalistic and abstract shapes and a limited modern color palette.

    This large modern wall art is inspired by the very essence of when two people fall in love.

    Made by subtracting dark chalk grey from a light grey background and sprinkled with dusty pink dots.

    Add a white frame for a stylish and modern look.

    02. Modern Light Pink Color Palette Wall Art

    Inspired by artist Niki de Saint Phalle and Matisse, this whimsical girl catching some rays evokes happiness, embracing a simple moment, a sunny day on the beach.

    This large modern wall art is hand-drawn on iPad pro, a minimal and modern creation to promote and celebrate body positivity and self-love.

    03. Minimalist Large Modern Wall Art

    This piece is about the sun persistently rising each day, watching over the waves of our lives.

    The inspiration came to the artist from this line written by Henry David Thoreau, “…an infinite expectation of the dawn, which does not forsake us even in our soundest sleep”.

    04. Neutral Wall Art With Modern Lines

    The beauty of landscapes is so inspiring!

    This large modern wall art captures the enjoyment of being in nature and listening to its sounds.

    This makes me feel calmer and more relaxed, and what can be better than a moment with yourself on a peaceful cliff contemplating the rising sun?

    Every sunrise is spectacular and really magical! It brings a new chapter, a fresh start, and new opportunities.

    This tranquil piece in muted colors will be a great addition to your home and it could be part of a gallery wall but works equally well on its own.

    05. Modern Art In Shapes In Earth Tone Colors

    This large modern wall art is inspired by the texture of an old ceramic jar and also by mid-century shapes.

    These geometric shapes were designed with mixed media including watercolor and hand-made textured drawings and later worked digitally and it is a classic look piece with a modern twist.

    06. Modern Art In Simple Shapes

    Simple shapes in a minimal composition are the inspiration for this large modern wall art piece.

    The artist played with them until she find the perfect balance of color and spatial relationships.

    Available in 4 different colorways from earthy tones to primary colors and this art piece can be a great addition to any interior design style.

    07. Abstract Art Whit Modern Simple Colors

    This large modern wall art is named “persevere” to highlight the small blue circle starting its climb to the top of the slightly off-balanced rock tower.

    It will be a slow and careful climb to success but embodies the fearless optimism of knowing that with time and perseverance, we can all achieve our goals.

    08. Minimal Collage Large Modern Wall Art

    A modern and minimal collage of paper and wooden shapes placed on a white backdrop with paint splatterings.

    The wood shapes offer a tactical quality where as the paint splatters offer a window of spontaneity.

    This piece can be produced in a multitude of sizes and can be easily mixed in a variety of spaces.

    09. Stoic Philosophy Inspired Art Piece

    This large modern wall art visually interprets the profundity of the Stoic with the abstract approach, exploring its meaning as a form of meditation.

    The works convey the ascetic and painful way in which the stoic views the world by visualizing ancient philosophy.

    10. Organic Shapes In A Green Tone

    Hand-inked crosses are intermittently scattered across the canvas for an abstract point of view.

    The top and bottom are flanked by two organic shapes that contain positivity.

    This large modern wall art piece is inspired by a traditional mud block printing technique known as Dabu.