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Best Way to Use Sherwin Williams Shoji White (With 9 Real Examples)

    Some people want to have a sharp and crisp white neutral color for their house, but some are looking for a softer off-white with a hint of color.

    If you are in the latter group, Sherwin Williams shoji white might be the perfect color for you to create a white natured interior and pairs well with white colored wall arts.

    Shoji white is a soft off-white color with greige (gray and beige) undertones that make it looks creamy without looking too yellow.

    I have curated these 9 examples of how to use Sherwin Williams shoji white on the house.

    sherwin williams shoji white bedroom
    Sherwin Williams

    01. Clean And Modern Bedroom Interior.

    To get a modern and clean look in the bedroom you can try to paint your interior walls with this creamy off-white color and pair it with other bold colors such as black and dark brown wood.

    Sherwin Williams shoji white is the perfect neutral color as the base for the black steel bed frame, dark wood bedside table, and landscape acrylic painting to complete the look.

    02. Minimalist Stair And Table Design.

    Sherwin Williams shoji white can easily be painted on the stairs and corridor wall.

    This example shows how to use the off-white color as the credenza table to contrast small yellow wall art and painted on doors as well.

    The off-white color in the stairs and corridor can make your space look more modern and clean.

    03. Pair It With The Green.

    The versatility of Sherwin Williams shoji white can be found when we pair the creamy off-white color with an accent color on the wall.

    In this example, the evergreen fog color creates a perfect combination with the shoji white, minimalist wall hanger, and makes the room look more interesting.

    04. Modern House Facade.

    A modern house facade can be achieved by combining several colors on the exterior walls.

    The Sherwin Williams shoji white can be the perfect neutral base and painted on the main exterior walls.

    Then you can combine it with the deep dark window and door trims.

    05. The Perfect Base For The Dark Roofing Color.

    When you want to have two colors on the exterior walls you can try to steal the idea from this example above.

    The simple Sherwin Williams shoji white paint on the exterior walls can be the perfect pair for the deep dark roofing color.

    To step it up a notch, you could consider using brick/terracotta cladding material on the base columns and on the chimney.

    06. Another Modern Exterior Color Scheme.

    This is another example of the classic combination of white and dark colors on the house exterior.

    Same as before, Sherwin Williams shoji white is used as the base on the exterior main walls.

    Then the deep dark color can be painted on the window trims, front door, and garage door color.

    Then this color combination highlighted in the night with the existence of floor mounted solar powered outdoor lighting.

    07. Sherwin Williams Shoji White Wall Panel.

    When you want to bring a nostalgic or barn feeling in the house you might stumble on the shiplap wall paneling idea.

    This wall paneling design can be the perfect chance to use Sherwin Williams shoji white as the interior wall color. 

    08. Simple Living Room Color Scheme.

    One of many classic combinations is the pairing between neutral white wall color and wooden flooring color.

    Sherwin Williams shoji white can be the perfect choice to bring a creaminess and a softer feeling to the room.

    09. Interesting Patterned Stair Design.

    Experimenting with staircase tiles’ patterns can be really fun!

    If you are like me, I like a small pattern design on the staircase tiles.

    And to highlight these patterns on the tiles you can paint the stair walls with creamy white neutral such as this Sherwin Williams shoji white.

    And the bohemian terracotta accent color can be paired well with any of these boho inspired wall hangings.