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Charming Rustic Small House Design With Stunning Mountain View

    Located 17 kilometers from Baška Voda – Google Maps, this mountain top small house really hooked me with the rustic charm vibe.

    With just 28m2 this small house design can accommodate one bedroom, one bathroom with an open kitchen and garden patio for dining (or just simply dozing off while staring at the picturesque clear blue sky).

    Having hours admiring this small house design (via and imagining staying there, after the world is okay), I make a list of design elements from this house.

    Let me tell you what you can learn from this small house design and copy it to your house.

    Small House Design Exterior 2
    Beautifully Placed On A Hill

    01. Brings Out The Best Of Mountain Terrain Contour To It's Benefit.

    Sloped contour does not have to be a disadvantage, with a well-thought plan and design we could turn it into our design element.

    What this small house design do really well is to use the sloped contour and embrace it in the design to make a special spatial experience.

    The house has 2 entrance doors, one on the 1st floor and one on the ground floor. The stairs to access the first floor doors works not only as access but it is a result of responding to the mountain terrain and it creates an exciting experience for us when we walk around and get into the 1st floor.

    Small House Design Patio
    Cozy Outdoor Patio

    02. Maximize The Space Using The Outdoor Area.

    Having a small house does not mean you have a small outdoor space right?

    The garden patio and outdoor kitchen in this small house design prove that you can have a small house with a big living experience.

    Having the kitchen semi-outdoor (although it is quite small), make a pleasant cooking experience and complemented with a garden patio for alfresco style dining outside.

    To have a dining space separated from the bedroom is huge, divided space makes you feel not trapped in only a small space to do everything.

    Small House Design Patio 2
    Natural Stone Exterior

    03. Simple Arched Small House Design With Rustic Stone Material.

    If you have a slope design with a beautiful multi-level outdoor space like this, I suggest you create a simple small house design with basic form (in this case using simple arched roof house).

    Why you might ask? This makes the house not feel obnoxious, the house can blend in with the beautiful vast mountain view without being intrusive to your eyes.

    The simple form also makes the multi level sloped outdoor area steal the show and the balance is in order.

    And the chosen material? Nothing beats a material with a local source and perfectly complemented surrounding buildings such as this stoned wall small house.

    Small House Design Patio 3
    Green Accent Window Cover

    04. The Green Accent Window Cover? Yes, Please.

    Without the accent color, you will have a simple arched form house with neutral shade from the stone wall and white terrazzo patio floor. And this might look a little bit bland.

    So what this small house design do is to paint the window cover with (not over the top) green color and in my opinion, it is perfect.

    The green color makes the small house looks more lively and fun without exhausting your eyes with too many colors and you can consider using this Sherwin Williams green color to do this.

    Small House Design Murphy Bed
    Murphy Bed For Space Saving

    05. Murphy Bed To The Rescue (Rescuing A Lot Of Space In Your Small House Design).

    Murphy bed has been around forever and it is pretty common to be found in small houses or tiny homes.

    When folded up, the space beneath the bed can be used as a seating area by the window, and to set the bed, simply move the chair to clear the space, and voila! the bed is ready.

    After folding the space is completed using unique handmade boho area rugs to match the rustic look.

    Small House Design Furniture
    Rustic Wooden Box

    06. Rustic Elements From The Furniture Details.

    Having the rustic-old-wooden-steel box beneath the TV not only functions as a cabinet and extra desk space, but the antique looks work as a conversational piece as well.

    Looking at the faucet detail, we can see a bronze faucet looks quite rustic and antique too and it contrasts with the clean white porcelain sink bowl.

    Although the light housing is looking antique, the bulb itself is LED to give better power efficiency, the owner uses an Edison-style bulb to match the wooden antique housing tho.

    The rustic elements are completed using the handmade rattan basket on both corners.

    07. Conclusion.

    By all means, I am not suggesting blindly copy all the elements and paste them in your space.

    But obviously we can learn design elements to apply them in your small house.

    I think the simplest way to freshen up your small house is by adding the accent color. A simple drop of accent color could have a huge impact on your space.

    So what do you think about accent color in a small house? yay or nay?