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The 9 Best Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik Projects (With Real Photos)

    The charm of this royalty and bold Sherwin Williams indigo batik blue making it my favorite blue from Sherwin Williams collections.

    This dark-toned blue looks magnificent not only as the accent color for your other neutral colors but also can complement your large modern wall art or contrast the neutral wall arts.

    In these 9 examples below, you can learn how the best way to optimize the color into your house.

    sherwin williams indigo batik cabinets
    Sherwin Williams

    01. A Great Statement Color For Your Furnitures.

    This is a great example of how to optimize the cabinet section of your house with a simple pattern wallpaper.

    In front of the wall, you can have a Sherwin Williams indigo batik painted credenza with a white marble pattern on top, and consider putting terracotta vases for flowers to create an accent color with styles!

    02. Sophisticated Background Color.

    To highlight your bohemian wall decor, you can try to paint the wall behind it with a dark contrasting color.

    The deep navy blue of Sherwin Williams indigo batik makes the decorations the centerpiece.

    03. Bold Color For Your Minimalistic Exterior.

    To create a modern yet minimalistic house exterior, you can try to apply not more than 3 colors.

    Sherwin Williams indigo batik on top of the white shiplap exterior walls creates perfect balance with a peach accent color of the main front door.

    04. Complements The Whites On Your Facade.

    If you like the whites on your door panel and window trims, you can try to have a contrasting deep color for the exterior walls.

    Sherwin Williams indigo batik might be the one for you because it can complement the whites really well.

    05. Majestic Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik Interior Style Color.

    You can try this combination of the bold Sherwin Williams indigo batik with a tan leather sofa and wooden flooring and coffee table.

    The interior is completed with the hanging US flag as the wall art and wall panel behind it.

    06. Contrasting The Whites In Furniture.

    The combination of this deep navy blue of Sherwin Williams indigo batik and whites can never go wrong.

    In this example, you can see how good the white sofa looks in front of the indigo batik walls behind and is completed with a simple square wall panel with flower pattern wallpaper as the paintings.

    Also, consider throwing one or two throw pillows coastal color to match and soften up the blue hue in the room.

    07. Bring Boldness Into Your Office Space.

    Another good idea for Sherwin Williams indigo batik combination is to pair the deep blue color with a light or tan wooden color.

    In this office room, you can see how good the wooden work desk looks in front of the blue wall color and is completed with the white trims.

    Also, consider putting a natural colored woven storage basket on the floating shelf as it will add more layer and texture to the space.

    08. Simple Diagonal Two-Toned Wall Color.

    When feeling adventurous, you can play a little bit with a simple diagonal shape and three colors for the wall paint.

    The Sherwin Williams indigo batik pairs really well with the white and light gray color.

    09. Great Accent For Your Little Corner.

    In tight space, you can still fit a small work desk in the corner and create a nook to boost your work from home productivity.

    If you have white walls in the room, the contrasting color of the Sherwin Williams indigo batik for the desk and cabinets above it can be the main focus in the room.