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Top 10 Best Modern Vases For Flowers Or Plants To Make Your House More Lively

    Modern Vases For Flowers

    01. Terracotta Modern Shaped Vases For Flowers

    Inspired by the town of Matera in the south of Italy, this modern vase nods to the cave-like homes found on its winding roads, while slightly awkward to navigate, the area is beautiful in a way that stays with you.

    And this modern vases for flowers intends to do the same, serving as a place where things can bloom, however, they see fit.

    Made by SIN, a Brooklyn-based ceramic home goods company, this vase is made of an unglazed stoneware exterior, glazed stoneware interior, which comes in 13″ x 8″ x 4.25″.

    02. Modern Creamy White Raw Textured Vase

    This modern vase is entirely handmade by Inhee Ma, the designer, in her studio following a craftsmanship process.

    Inspired by minimalist and contemporary aesthetics, the chamotte clay offers a raw texture that will find its place in any interior design.

    This vases for flowers made of stoneware fired at high temperatures and finished with a transparent glossy glaze inside, while the raw exterior showcases the natural aspect of the clay’s texture measures by 11″ x 4″.

    03. Classic Terracotta Vase WIth Modern Shape

    Tina Huang, the designer of Ren•Vois designs, creates this porcelain ceramic vase out of her design studio in Los Angeles.

    The porcelain clay is hand dyed and then thrown on the pottery wheel, creating truly unique hues and patterns.

    This vases for flowers is a stunning still-life piece on its own or can function as a vessel for multi-stem flower arrangements.

    Made with wheel thrown with colored porcelain, finished with an unglazed exterior (smooth hand-sanded surface) and matte clear glazed interior, measures 4” in diameter and 6” in height.

    04. Modern Lines Patterned Vase Exterior

    Handmade in Southern California, this white modern vase is perfect for your freshly cut garden flowers or plants.

    These modern vases for flowers have a white glazed interior, and a speckled glaze exterior (with wiggle lines pattern), without drainage that measures 4.5” wide by 7” tall.

    05. Bright Pop Yellow Abstract Painting

    This one-of-a-kind vase was thrown on the potter’s wheel in watertight white stoneware and glazed with an eggshell matte glaze.

    The surface of these vases for flowers was painted with a wax design when it was dry clay, then it was scrubbed with a wet sponge to erode the unprotected areas, leaving a raised design, measuring 5″ x 7.75″ x 6″.

    The design is based on the mathematical principle of “reaction diffusion” which is a concept proposed by Alan Turing that determines how the patterns on animal skins and other patterns in nature are generated.

    06. Modern Abstract Wall Art Painting

    Tactile buff stoneware ceramic vase glazed on the interior only with a rich glossy topaz glaze measures 4.25″ x 4.67″.

    These vases for flowers are a voyage into unknown spaces of functionality, with each vase being a complete thought, expressed in clay.

    The amorphous cutout informs the shape of the bouquet and provides a frame.

    07. Minimalist Muted Abstract Aesthetic Art

    These modern vases for flowers are inspired by ruffled fabric elements from traditional Korean garments and accessories.

    The forms of each object in the collection were intended to create a feminine, elegant volume that can be seen from fabric in fashion measures 5.1″ x 6.3″ x 3.9″.

    08. Beach Inspired Acrylic Painting

    This marble finish vase is one of the products inspired by Roman marble architecture, especially, marble block stairs and elements of columns.

    Each of these modern vases for flowers is individually cast and finished by hand to recreate the beauty of the marble, each product offers a very unique grain, measuring 4.2″ x 6.8″ x 2.2″.

    09. Abstract Clean Geometric Wall Art

    This GIRIH vase, designed by Wonmin Park, are vases for flowers that is a limited edition of 30 and has decorative geometric patterns that have been utilized in Moorish architecture for more than a thousand years.

    Having seen these star- and flower-like shapes in the Alhambra Fortress of Granada, Wonmin Park created this vase based on similar geometries, brought to life using high-end 3D printing.

    Measures 6.3″ x 11″ 4.7″ made of 100% terracotta clay by 3D print technology by the Korean designer.

    10. Trippy Geometric Shaped Abstract Painting

    Handmade in Southern California, this modern vase is perfect for your freshly cut garden flowers, measures about 3” x 7.5”

    These vases for flowers are made with a white glaze interior, and a speckled glaze exterior, without any drainage.